Make no mistake about it, this plan laid out over the next 8 weeks, is a detailed and complete program that will train every aspect of your physique.

Do not underestimate or doubt yourself just what can be achieved in only 2 months. If you can fully commit yourself and follow the plan exactly as it is presented to you, then I have no doubt that you will see some big changes in your physique by the end of the program.

The great thing about this progressive approach to weight lifting, is that there is no 'bulking' or 'cutting' period. The entire program is built around strength and conditioning, with each of the 3 phases focusing on a different approach to training.

You can simply repeat the phases again from the start again at the end of the 8 weeks, now being able to push yourself harder, and still see further progress.

You will also receive my 15-page nutrition meal guidance plan, showing you how to best plan and eat to optimize and support your training.




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