Check out the full video of a typical 2700 calories a day here: http://bit.ly/2700cals 


Everything you absolutely must know about the physique building power of nutrition is here:

    • ŸWhat foods to eat, portion sizes and when to eat them
    • How to calculate your daily calorie needs and compute your macronutrient ratios
    • ŸThe key to carb cycling and how it can improve fat loss
    • Ÿ4500 meal combinations: Follow this plan and you will not go hungry
    • ŸHow to achieve the right balance between low body fat and feeding your muscles
    • Why you shouldn’t reduce calorie intake too much
    • How BCAA’s differ from other amino acids – and what that means to you
    • ŸWhy not to increase cardio training at the same time as making diet changes
    • ŸThe role of supplements and Rob's top 20 recommendations
    • Top 20 Nutrition FAQ's
    • 240 pages
    • Includes 6 feature length meal preparation videos

If it was easy to develop a physique like Rob Riches’ then you’d see many more guys like him in the street. But with discipline, dedication and the right information you can achieve your physique goals.

To change your body in this way will be to resist its very natural state of wanting to store body fat. This book will show you how to go against that natural state and develop the lean defined physique you crave.

So how dedicated are you? Do you really want an ultra-lean physique? This isn’t a diet you can just turn on and off when you feel like getting in great shape. This is a lifestyle, a labour of love...but the results are totally worth it!

The foods you eat will determine how well you can maintain a low level of body fat while still feeding your muscles. Achieving the right balance is vital, and that’s what Rob’s intention is for this book. To get you balanced...and ripped!

Now it’s up to you. If you want to get in incredible shape where every muscle fibre shows when you flex then getting a copy of this new e-book by Rob Riches is the first step.


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Great Book!

Lots of VERY detailed information to take in and absorb, great read if you want that next level diet plan. Thanks Rob definitely worth the money.


The best of the experience and the knowledge of Rob!!